You Have To Try The Chocolate Dream Cake From Le Sucré Lab

Chocolate cakes are a dime a dozen. Most are good, many are average, while others are just really really, really, really, really sad (hello overly sweet and dry!).

But there are those that are exceptional.

You know what we’re talking about. The shet, (yes, we went there) where-the-hell-have-you-been-all-my-life-chocolate cake. It’s the chocolate cake you’d go Bruce Bogtrotter all over without any shame or guilt. Basically, it’s the dessert you don’t want to share with anyone because deep down, you’re just a little greedy Gollum but with a choco-fudge obsession.

Two tin cans for research (because we take our work seriously)

We had a gut feeling (well, all our food-based decisions, really) that Le Sucré Lab’s Chocolate Dream Cake might be a dessert of this caliber, because let’s face it, anything on the internet is real right? Just kidding! But in all honesty and inggit (we’re jealous every time someone opens a tin can in their account), our curiosity got the better of us, so we decided to check it out.


To break it down, the dessert has four components—a densely moistAF chocolate cake base followed by a thick smooth chocolate fudge that you can get lost in. But before you can dig in, you have to crack the thin chocolate shard layer sprinkled with bitter sweet cocoa powder. Is the cake as good as they say it is? We judge.

THE VERDICT: This chocolate cake is legit gooood. Like, making-bedroom-sounds-while-you-eat-it gooood. It’s smooth and rich in texture plus it doesn’t give you that cloying, sore throat sensation either. What’s also nice about it is that each Chocolate Dream Cake comes in a copper tin can, so you can cover your stash every time you need to have a secret spoonful.

In our opinion, this cake is definitely what chocolate dreams are made up of.

We call this shot gone in 60 seconds

The Chocolate Dream Cake and other Le Sucré Lab goodies are available for orders thru FB (Le Sucré Lab Chocolates) and Instagram (@lslchocolatesph).