We Tried Jollibee’s Ube Pie And Here’s What Happened

It was just like any normal Tuesday afternoon in our office, when lo and behold, a colorful package arrived in our lobby. Jollibee Ube Pie?  Yup, we’ve been seeing it around the Jollibee branches around our neighborhood (we have 2 stores near us #blessed). It’s also been making its rounds in internet food communities as well.

But why ube? Well, it is obvious that ube (purple yams) have been getting so much news from the international food scene with creations popping left and right like ube waffles, ube cheesecakes, ube cinnamon rolls, ube-flavored donuts, and ube pancakes.

Sure, ube pies have been made as well, but now that our Jolli-bae’s getting into the ube game, this new dessert had our tongues wagging with excitement.

So how did the #JollibeeUbePie fare in our office? Here are some of our reactions:

Den: I can eat 20 of this!
Nicca: Ang sheerreep besh!
Janine: I know right?!
Fatima: I’m an ube girl, and I lahv it!
Mina: Akin na lang yung box, puh-lease! (guys, she really said this)
*Pa-demure sila pero yung mga kagat malaki*

THE VERDICT: We lurveee it! Made with a crispy, golden crust packed with thick, creamy ube filling, it’s an indulging treat especially for those who go ga-ga over ube-flavored everything. One person mentioned that it tastes like the ube you get from Baguio (naks!).

Plus, it’s only Php29 so you can have as much ube goodness as you want (although we were told this is only for a limited release only). Well, we’re glad our favorite fast food bee had made this ube-licious treat, even for just a short period time.

 #JollibeeUbePie is available in all Jollibee stores nationwide for only Php29.