Want the Best Steak Delivered Right at Your Doorstep? Just Ask Steak.Ph

Steak cravings can be a torture. When it hits you, it hits you real hard. You start salivating over the thought of the tender meat sizzling on a hot grill. The image of the fat marbling makes you tingly and giddy at the same time. And when the tender meat touches your tongue and you start chewing on the beefy goodness—ahhh pure bliss!

But the thing is good-quality steak is hard to come by. Fine dining establishments and reputable steak houses can fill in the craving but our wallets will take the most damage. Consequently, we carnivores tend to content ourselves with any beef fix so any kind of steak will do. Sadly, low cost steak places tend to churn out tough meat cuts so we’re left with the promo bins at supermarkets looking at sad frozen pieces of beef. Factor in elements like loss of time from surviving the traffic and the trouble of parking—such is the hassle of finding good-quality steak in the city. Sigh.

Alex Tiaoqui is quite familiar with the struggle of his fellow steak aficionados. While stuck in rush hour, he suddenly thought of a brilliant way for steak lovers to enjoy their beef without the hassle of leaving their homes. Enter Steak.ph, the meat lover’s ultimate service provider: premium steak delivered right at your doorstep.

Plans this Valentine’s? Why don’t you go the extra mile and prepare a quality home cooked steak meal for that special someone. Don’t forget to pair it with a bottle of red that’ll complement the meal. For Valentine’s this year, we’ve got you covered with our steak bundles that come with a bottle of wine. Check out our 2 steak and wine bundles and order now. We’re doing a FREE DELIVERY PROMO on our Valentine’s steaks so contact us via Facebook Messenger, IG, or call us up at 0956 388 5886. Bundle 1: 2 Standard Cut 3/4-inch Natural Black Angus Ribeye Steaks with a bottle of Yves Borie Cabernet Sauvignon French Red Wine – P1,900.00 Bundle 2: 2 Special Cut 1-inch Natural Black Angus Ribeye Steaks with a bottle of Yves Borie Cabernet Sauvignon French Red Wine – P2,400.00 Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! #steakph #steak #valentinesday #redwine #romantic #homecooked #quality #date #goodeats #dinner #dinnerfortwo #freedelivery #eeeeeats

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We had the pleasure of ordering from Steak.ph and we promise that it really is the best way to enjoy your beef without the added stress of going out the door. All we did was send a message (for us it was via FB), select our steak cut and desired delivery date, make the bank deposit, and wait for the steak to arrive (this was the hardest part, honestly).

Our rib eye steaks came vacuum sealed and chilled, which we thought was so convenient since there’s no need to wait for it to defrost (a.k.a. prolonging the agony). The package also had a well-thought out cooking guide on how to properly cook a piece of steak.

With just a few pinches of salt, pepper, plus fresh herbs for flavor, our steaks cooked to an exact medium rare came out absurdly amazing; as in, damn-is-this-what-beef-should-really-taste-like kind of realization. The fat-meat ratio was perfect, the beef flavor was divine, and the leftovers were non-existent.

Alex sources his beef from Harris Ranch, a well-reputed California brand that’s known for their sustainable approach in raising cattle. Restaurant-quality steak cooked in the comforts of your own home? Now that’s great steak service we can sink our teeth into.

If you’re craving for something bigger, we suggest ordering their Tomahawk Cut or Prime Rib Roast Beef. Steak bites sizes are also available for specialized dishes like salpicao or they can be grinded up to make flavorful beef patties.   

For orders, contact Steak.ph at (0956) 388-5886. Follow them in Facebook (@steakphilippines) and Instagram (steak.ph).