Tim Hortons’ Coffee and Food Pairings Are Matches Made In Heaven

This month, Canadian coffee chain brand Tim Hortons® puts the spotlight on everyone’s favorite morning brew.

“We have always been known for our fresh sandwiches and baked goods and of course, our great coffee,” said Stephanie Guerrero marketing director of Tim Hortons® Philippines. “For this month, we want to highlight the expertise that comes with every cup of coffee Tim Hortons® serves. Our coffee lineup will be the perfect companion to give you a boost throughout the day,” Guerrero added.

Made from premium espresso or in its signature flavors of Vanilla, Chocolate, Caramel, or Hazelnut, each cup of latte is a warm welcome to a new day. Opt for something classic with the smooth medium and balanced blend of Tim Hortons® Original Blend Coffee made from expertly roasted 100% Arabica beans. Or take a Canadian route, get two creams and two sugars to make it a Double Double. Whatever your preference is, your cup of coffee is delicious and of goo quality.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Tim Hortons’ Perfect Pairs

Tim Hortons Tims Perfect Pairs
Aside from the brand’s freshly brewed coffee, their sandwiches and baked treats are also noteworthy. Whether you’re out to grab a quick bite or you’re looking for a filling meal, Tim Hortons® caters to diverse tastes. From sweet sugary treats to savory meat sandwiches, anyone will find something delectable and suited to their liking. What’s even better is that each menu item works well with Canada’s favorite coffee!

Here are Tim Hortons® 7 coffee and food pairings you’ll surely need to try:

The Dark Side of Tims: Red Eye Iced Capp and Triple Chocolate Muffin

An iced cappuccino with an extra shot of espresso is the perfect buddy when you’re studying or working for long hours on end. Get an extra boost with a Triple Chocolate Muffin. This pair will definitely take you to the dark side of Tims.

So Canadian: Original Blend Coffee and Maple Dip

Even Robin Scherbatsky will agree that this pairing is as Canadian as it gets! With Canada’s number one coffee and the Maple Dip donut together, this simple yet tasty combination will make anyone appreciate the strong and smooth coffee that goes with a delicate delectable treat.

Nothing Beats Classic: Double Double and Old Fashioned Glazed

Those with sophisticated taste will love a cup of the Double Double and a piece of the Old Fashioned Glazed. This easy pair makes for a great afternoon affair during a break from studying or a quick bite after work. Truly, nothing beats classic!

Don’t Be Latter on my Birthday: Iced Latte and Birthday Cake Timbits

Celebrate like it’s your birthday! Grab some Birthday Cake Timbits and get a cup of Iced Latte. Not only will the Timbits lift your spirits with its multi-colored sprinkles and its sweet flavors, the Iced Latte will wash the sweet taste with a cold rush of milk and coffee in your palate.

Feeling Cheesy with my Coffee: Iced Coffee and Grilled Cheese Panini

Want something filling? A plate of Grilled Cheese Panini will definitely do the trick. Thick slices of gooey cheese between two slices of toasted bread served with a cold cup of coffee are every food fan’s fantasy come to life. This makes for a lunch/dinner date that will never disappoint.

Fratte!: Red Velvet Latte and Apple Fritter

An unlikely twosome, the creamy Red Velvet Latte makes for a great complement to the fresh, clean flavors of the Apple Fritter. If you’re looking for something sweet after a warm hearty meal, you might want to go straight to Tim Hortons® and get an order of these.

Ciabattalaga for you?: Iced Coffee and Chicken Ciabatta

Whether you’re love forsaken or not, this makes the perfect match for those who prefer a heavy yet healthy meal. The well-seasoned chicken and crunchy crust of Ciabatta is best paired with the smoothness of Tim Hortons® signature Iced Coffee.