What Is Tiger Milk Tea and Where Can You Find It in Manila?

Just recently, Taiwan made the world buzz with their newest drink craze: Tiger Milk Tea.

But what is tiger milk tea? And what’s in it?

From what we learned, compared with the other milk teas in the market, tiger milk tea stands out due to its intense flavors thanks to the ample amount of brown sugar syrup mixed with fresh, thick milk cream.

Every sip you take is rich, sweet, and loaded with creamy, caramel-y goodness, which could take your milk tea addiction into a whole other decadent level.

The brown sugar tapioca pearls are also said to be different—served slightly warm to keep them soft and chewy.

Happy Lemon Tiger Milk Tea
Photo Credit @Happy Lemon

As if the milk tea craze for Filipinos is never enough, Happy Lemon is now getting in with the trending tea drink as they release their own Tiger Milk Tea version.

Happy Lemon Tiger Milk Tea
Photo Credit @jungtae_21

Some customers who have already tried it claimed that it tastes like a creamier, more luxe version of taho, an all-time Filipino favorite snack.

Happy Lemon Tiger Milk Tea
Photo Credit @borly222

If you’re craving for a different kind of milk tea experience, try Happy Lemon’s Tiger Milk Tea and see if it’s worth the hype. One thing is for sure though; the milk tea craze isn’t going to away anytime soon.

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