Spoil Your Dad With A Spectacular Father’s Day Brunch at Spiral

Treat the Man of the House to dishes they know and love as Spiral’s culinary artisans present an enhanced selection featuring their fathers’ very own favorite recipes.

Beef-flavored Chicken Karaage Japanese-style Fried Chicken using beer batter
assorted sushi

Japanese Master Chef Masaaki Ishigawa will be showcasing his dad’s beer flavored chicken karaage, which they both enjoy, chased with their favorite beer. The crispy karaage is marinated in salt, pepper, rice wine and soy sauce resulting in a flavorful dish paired with a tall glass of ice-cold beer.

For Thai master artisan, Chef Dennis Macaranas, he will create a flavorful interpretation of Bangkok-style beef tenderloin. Bistek (beef steak) is his father’s favorite dish when they drink together. When he became a chef, he recreated the dish with a twist adding 5 aromatic Thai spices for a tangy and flavorful finish.

Sikandari Raan or Roast Lamb with spices and biryani rice is a historical dish that is served especially during Eid al Adha

Spiral’s Indian Master Chef Halim Ali Khan will showcase his Sikandari Raan or Roast Lamb with flavorful spices and Biryani Rice. The dish is a historical culinary offering that is served especially during Eid al Adha. Chef Halim’s father who is similarly a culinary artisan taught him how to cook this slow- cooked lamb leg cooked marinated overnight in 10 to 12 Indian spices. The meat is slow-cooked a day before it is baked in the oven resulting in a beautifully tender lamb dish. The Biryani rice is cooked using the stock from the lamb presenting a flavorful pairing to the Sikandari Raan.

Chinese Master Chef Michael Tai presents his Dragon Ball Lettuce which is a dish perfect for children as it features flavorful seafood balls wrapped in lettuce. He shared that his father would make him eat vegetables when he was a young boy by disguising it with his favorite seafood incorporated in the dish.

Steak á Cheval: a beef steak topped with a fried egg

French Master Chef Julien Cossé honors his dad with the Steak a Cheval. His dad would spend sleepless nights as he was with the newspaper print industry and he would enjoy the protein-rich steak dish to tie him over to the wee hours of the morning. The creamy richness of the egg presents nutrients and boosts energy and stamina ideal for the demands of working long hours. Chef Julien Cossé showcases the dish with a twist featuring secret spices.

Korean Culinary Artisan Chef Lorvic Gesite will be showcasing the colorful Bossam, a Korean pork dish and ideal companion to Soju. The dish is boiled pork belly enhanced with Korean spices and bean paste.

Filipino Master Chef Bryan Ortigosa will be presenting Sinuglaw–a version of Ceviche with a twist. As a child, Chef Bryan’s father used to take him to the wet market where they would buy fish and enjoy it one part grilled and one part fresh and enjoyed like sushi. The combination of the two is commonly known as Sinuglaw from the words Sinugba (grilled) and Kinilaw (eaten raw).

Chocolate Cigar with Kahlua
Black Forest Cake

Pastry artisan Chef Rolando Macatangay shares the same sweet tooth as father and will be showcasing the decadent Chocolate Mudslide Cake infused with Bourbon.

Celebrating Dads will receive a special gift from Uniqlo and the best-dressed fathers will receive a special prize from Peter Thomas Roth, Jack Nicklaus, Champion and Savile Row on Father’s Day Brunch, 17th of June 2018. One of Spiral’s dining fathers may also get a chance to win an American Tourister luggage and vouchers for a weekend drive with the MINI One or MINI Countryman.

Spiral’s Father’s Day Specials are available at the following rates:

  • June 15, 2018 – lunch at Php2,750 per person and dinner at Php3,550 per person
  • June 16, 2018 – lunch at Php3,450 per person and dinner at Php3,550 per person
  • June 17, 2018 – lunch at Php4,655 per person and dinner at Php3,550 per person 

All rates are inclusive of applicable government taxes and service charge. For inquiries and reservations, please call (02) 832-6988 or email [email protected].