6 Spooky and Scrumptious Dishes You’ll Want To Prepare For Halloween

From black pastas to mummified finger treats; pumpkin cakes to tombstone rice trays, these spook-tacular dishes are sure to make your Halloween party a hit. Served with a bit of imagination and creativity, prepare these dishes with your kids and even your friends!


Black Eyeball Pasta

All eyes will definitely be on this Black Eyeball Pasta when it’s served on the table. This dish will welcome your guests with curiosity as has an unusual black-colored pasta made with MAYA All-Purpose Flour, salt, whole egg, egg yolk and black gel food coloring, Make it creepier with red sauce and olive slices to form those creepy eyeballs.

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Mummified Franks

Channel your inner spookiness and have a frightening fun Halloween party with these Mummified Franks recipe. Start rolling and wrapping each German Franks and transform each into mummy-looking sausages. Serve these finger delights as a savory appetizer with mustard or tomato ketchup on the sides.

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Stuffed Jack-O Lantern Peppers

Trick your kids into eating vegetables by making these Stuffed Jack-O Lantern Peppers. Start carving some smiles out those red peppers and stuff them with ground lean pork, potatoes, carrots, laurel leaf, and green bell peppers. Once your kids take a glimpse on these treats, they won’t be able to resist to enjoy another piece!

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Dirty Rice

Get your spoons ready and dig into this flavorful rice dish mixed with aromatic seasonings, chicken liver, and bacon! Lastly, go artsy with those fried tombstone Chicken Nuggets then place them accordingly on the rice tray for that eerie graveyard effect.

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Pumpkin Pinata Cake

Even though pumpkins are more of a Western tradition, have the same Halloween spirit here too. Instead of carving one though, have your “pumpkin” baked and served as a piñata cake. Making this pumpkin cake is not as hard as you think it is with a regular cake mix, butter cream frosting, ice cream cones, assorted candies and a few drops of food coloring. Plus it can make a good center piece on your Halloween table, too!

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Witches’ Brew Curry

Grab your pointy hats and start mixing your brew inside those steaming cauldrons. With a bit of creativity, turn your typical chicken coconut stew into a wickedly-good Witches’ Brew Curry. This dish is not only a bewitching addition to your Halloween menu but also a filling entrée to your hungry guests.

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