Celebrate Christmas the Peruvian Way with Samba!

Ring in the Christmas season and bring on the New Year with the amazing flavors of Peru!

Shangri-La at the Fort Manila’s premier restaurant Samba is cooking up a very special feast only available on December 24, 25, and 31. Dine on Chef Carlo Huerta’s specially curated menu that’s bursting with Latin American flavors ranging from classic favorites to exciting new experiments.

Give your folks the experience of dining on Peruvian cuisine with a lovely family-style lunch spread for Christmas lunch, or get to enjoy a diverse mix of fresh seafood and tender meats cooked in sauces that are zest and spiced to perfection on Christmas and Christmas Eve. And don’t forget to bring on the heat as you ring in the New Year with a mouth-watering five-course meal that’ll surely take you to Peru.

Hungry for more? Take a peek at their offerings below:

Ceviche Crocante de Camarones and Crema de Zapallo y Aji

In storms the Ceviche Crocante de Camarones to start the meal off. While the unbelievably delicious prawns are the stars of this dish, the fiery blend of ingredients like roasted garlic cream, aji Amarillo, leche de tigre, coral butter, lime juice, and camote strings bring the course to life with its spicy and zesty flair; which makes the Crema de Zapallo y Aji the perfect foil to simmer it all down. The macre pumpkin at the heart of this soup is complemented by the richness of the fresh cream, and is further taken up a notch by delicious cinnamon herbal croutons that are toasted to perfection.

Mero en Redución de Seco Norteño

The Mero en Reduccion de Seco Norteno surrounds itself with aji panca, chichi de jora, creamy fava bean puree, and mini chalaquita; all of which perfectly go with the char-grilled red grouper.

Lomo a lo Macho and Zamba de Chocolate

Sauteed tenderloin, prawns, scallops, calamari, and Peruvian potatoes find their way to each other in Lomo a lo Macho. This amazing mix of proteins is joined together with Chef Carlo’s amazing blend of coral butter aji verde, chichi de jora, coral butter sauce, and limo chili bites.

The last meal of the course presents itself in style. Peruvian chocolate mousse paired with the tartness of raspberry ice cream matches the bitter sweetness of the mousse, while the crispy almond flakes add texture to the entire experience. Zamba de Chocolate has the ability to serve amazing flavors all in one bite and is the perfect way to round out your holiday meal.

Dine on Duo De Peruano, Parihuela Norteña, Mero Picante Con Camarones or Lomo Al Wok Con Quinua Andina, Tres Leches de Chocolate for Christmas lunch, and ring in the New Year feasting on Ceviche de Atun y Camarones, Conchas Anticucheras, Barramundi Al Ají y Arroz Con Choclo, Lomo Con Pesto Criollo y Huatia, Zamba de Chocolate.

Samba is located on Level 8 of Shangri-La at the Fort Manila. For more information, visit: samba-fort.com