Do You Want High-Quality Food Items Delivered Straight to Your Doorstep? Visit the Rare Food Shop!

Sometimes it can be a drag when we need to source assorted meats and specialty food. It means we have to travel to different stores, specialty groceries, and markets just to complete our checklist. On top of that, we have to deal with traffic and parking when going out for these errands.

Thank goodness for the Rare Food Shop, we foodies can finally put our feet down, open our browser, and order our special, hard-to-source food items in just a few clicks!

For years, its sister company, Rare Global Food Trading Corp., has been catering hotels and restaurants with the high-quality products such meats and seafood. But since opening the Rare Food Shop, home consumers can now finally enjoy the same specialty products such as Angus beef rib eye, lamb rack, lamb spareribs, smoked salmon, US Wagyu top blade, US scallops, USDA Choice Angus Tenderloin, and Black Tiger prawns.

The website also offers to deliver prized poultry products like duck breast and legs, foie gras, turkey, and many more.

As a special treat for their customers, the shop is also currently offering free shipping for every minimum order of Php5,000.

Here are just some of the Rare Food Shop’s best sellers: Rare Food Shop Delivery

Angus Beef Rib eye

₱510 – Unit Price: ₱1,450 per kilo

Lamb Rack

₱432 – Unit Price: ₱1,800 per kilo Rare Food Shop Delivery

Smoked Salmon

₱370 – Unit Price: ₱1,400.00 per 1 kg Rare Food Shop Delivery

US Wagyu Top Blade (Gold)

₱640 – Unit Price: ₱3,200 per 1 kg

Rare Food Shop Delivery

US Scallops

₱1,375 – Unit Price: ₱ 2,750 per 1 kg

Rare Food Shop Delivery

USDA Choice Angus Tenderloin
₱600 – Unit Price:  ₱2,400 – per 1 kg

Rare Food Shop Delivery

Black Tiger Prawns

₱440.00 – Unit Price: ₱880 per 1 kg headless skin-on; tail on

Still curious? Don’t worry! Just watch the video on how to order their high-quality products.

For further details, customers may log in to their actual website.