6 Potluck Dishes That Will Surely Be a Hit on Your Family Gathering Party

Filipinos have strong family ties. A year won’t be complete without a family reunion full of chikkas with our cousins, catching up with our titas and titos and of course, the delicious potluck dishes that will make the holiday even more fun and festive. Lechon, pork barbeque, pancit, and Adobo are some of the typical Filipino dishes you’ll see on the holiday table. If you want your potluck dish to make a standout and impress everybody, here’s a list of recipes every Filipino whole-heartedly loves!


Lechon Manok

Who doesn’t love a juicy and savory Lechon Manok? Most of us are struck by the aromas of these chickens on rotisseries along the streets but nothing beats a home-cooked chicken with a distinct flavor only you can make. It’s even more exciting when you add spices like cayenne pepper, cumin, and oregano for a tastier chicken skin and meat!

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Horseradish Pork Kebabs

If there’s roasted chicken on the table, let’s expect that there’s pork barbeque on its side. It’s an all-time Filipino favorite and we want to make your pork barbeque potluck dish extra special. Prepare your kebabs with alternating pieces of pork, pineapple, bell pepper, and onion slices. Baste them with horseradish while being roasted on a charcoal grill and we’re sure your guests won’t resist grabbing a stick again and again.

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Chicken and Pork Embutido

Every fiesta or feast has an embutido prepared on the table. It’s an easy dish to make which only involves mixing the ingredients, wrapping the mixture into a foil, steamed then unwrap before serving. Normally, Filipinos cook two variants of embutidos: chicken or pork. In our recipe, we combined both of the chicken and pork meat for an exciting twist! 

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I’m Hungry Fried Noodles

A get-together feast won’t be complete without pancit! It’s a dish we enjoy sharing with friends and family as it’s easy to prepare and cook. This time, let’s veer away from the traditional pancit canton or pancit palabok and try something new with our I’m Hungry Fried Noodles recipe. Toss your stir-fried noodles with snow peas, tom yao sprouts, and shiitake mushrooms. Don’t forget to pour in some oyster sauce for added flavor.

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Fried Chinese Lumpia

Another popular mainstay in Filipino food feasts are Fried Chinese Lumpias. It’s also a perfect potluck dish as you can prepare lots of these in early batches and store them in the freezer. Fry them out before your gathering and serve them with spicy vinegar dip!

Get the recipe here.


Chocolate Chestnut Brownies

Finish off your family gathering with some sweet brownie dessert. Made with chestnut and chocolate, this moist and fudgy Chocolate Chestnut Brownies are proven to be a crowd-pleaser. Prepare yourself on how to respond to every compliment of your impressed titas and titos with your very own baked goodie.

Get the recipe here.

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