This Is Not a Drill! McDonald’s McSpicy Is Back!

Has the recent market inflation got you in a tizzy over the skyrocketing chili prices? Fear not!

McDonald’s is spicing up the Christmas season by bringing back its McSpicy burger! Not only that, our favorite American fast food is also giving everyone a treat of spiciness mixed with a bold garlic-Parmesan taste with their latest flavor, Garlic Parmesan McSpicy.

Both offerings are available for the price of Php115  in à la carte, while everyone can also enjoy it together with McDonald’s world-famous fries and a drink for Php139. In addition, the two sandwiches are also available for delivery! This Is Not a Drill! McDonald's McSpicy Is Back Together with Garlic Parmesan McSpicy.

Here are McDonald’s hotline numbers and McDelivery website just in case you’re already craving for it.