The Mills Country Club in Canlubang Has a Menu That’s as Rich as Its History

Past the spacious fields and ubiquitous factories in Canlubang, Laguna lies an oasis that’s been a favorite go-to spot by neighboring villages, long-time Laguna residents, and those in the know.

Situated in the middle of a 4-hectare property is The Mills Country Club, a warm and bustling leisure hub where one can spend the hours here to escape the busy yet tiresome routines of city life. This modern enclave used to be the post-war, communal getaway for statesman and sugar baron Don Jose Yulo, his family, and workers during its long history as a sugar plantation. Evidences of its heyday can even be seen on the walls carrying framed photographs of The Mills and its surrounding areas back when it was once a thriving sugar estate. Today, members and walk-in guests can find themselves enjoying the facilities as well as the  assorted sports and leisure activities offered around the club like bowling, swimming, basketball, and badminton.

One amenity The Mills is very proud of is its dining facility, which everyone simply calls, La Kusina. Here, guests are treated to sumptuous homecooked fares and comfort food favorites to impress and satisfy everyone’s palate. Guests can even enjoy their food outside the swimming pool area just outside the dining hall, so families can partake their meals while they go about their activities. A bit of a warning though: portions are massive so its best to enjoy a meal here with a group.

To start you on your meal, we recommend the Tinapa Rolls with Spiced Vinegar. Every piece is a burst of flavor, from the smokey tinapa flakes, salted egg slices, plus red onions and tomatoes wrapped in fresh greens and rice paper. The spring rolls go perfectly with the seasoned vinegar paired with the appetizer.       

For those looking for heavy hitters after a day filled with activities, La Kusina’s bagnet trio are worth the pounds. Go for the Sizzling Bagnet Sisig composed of double deep-fried pork chunks made more flavorful with fiery chilies and onions. This sizzling sensation is crowned with a piece of egg to complete the dish. Next up is the Kare-kareng Bagnet, a meal that’s going to call for lots and lots of rice. Dig in to thick slices of fried pork and blanched highland vegetables swimming in a thick sweet savory peanut sauce. Lastly, there’s the Savory Pork Binagoongan. This lovely entrée is a treat on its own. Take pleasure in eating fresh vegetables sautéed in a pungent yet addicting fermented shrimp sauce then rounded up with generous pieces of fried pork belly.

La Kusina has its delectable seafood line up as well lead by the crowd-pleasing dish, Pinaputok na Pla-pla. Crisp and appetizing from all sides, don’t forget to eat it with the complementary ensaladang Tagalog on the side and pickled atchara.

End your meal on a high note with their signature dessert, Sticky Rice with Ice Cream. Imagine locally-made sweet suman rolls topped with mounds of heavenly vanilla ice cream. A final grate of sweet panocha is added for good measure. Have it with your loved ones or take pleasure in ordering one just for yourself.

La Kusina seems to be the heart of The Mills with the servers attending to your every need and the food prepared to your liking. Each plate comes freshly-prepared and cooked upon order—considering that the bustling kitchen caters to the entire food functions of the country club. On occasion, La Kusina also offers themed dinners like Korean cuisine showcasing the range of specialties the kitchen can do. “Our meals may be traditional, but its brimming with bold flavors and served with utmost sincerity,” shared Karla Saunar, Project Manager of Carmelray, the management team behind The Mills.

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