8 Kakanin Recipes That Will Definitely Sweeten Your Holiday Season

Kakanin recipes are a staple Filipino delicacy that we usually see in every local gathering. Now that the holidays are fast approaching, we’ll definitely be tasting once again our all-time favorite classic kakanin.

Thus, if you’re looking for a sweet treat to serve this Noche Buena, then try these 8 kakanin recipes (some with a poppin’ twist) to sweeten your holiday season!

Maja Blanca Tarts

Famous for its corny taste combined with its soft texture, the native Maja Blanca we all know gets a chewy spin with this recipe. For this version, our classic Blanca gets a soft yet chewy texture and a sweet yet salty flavor. What more can you ask for?

Get the recipe here.

Pinataro (Galapong sa Latik)

appetite.onemega.com Pinataro

If you’ve been to Tuguegarao, then you’ve probably heard of Pinataro or Galapong sa Latik. These small gelatinous rice balls simmered in a caramelized coconut milk sauce (latik) and flavored with pandan leaves is the perfect dessert for every sweet tooth!

Get the recipe here.


appetite.onemega.com Inutak

We now move to a Filipino delicacy that originated from Pasig and Pateros, Inutak. A sweet delicacy named after the human brain, because of its dense and sticky consistency. Now, if you’re planning to make one this holiday, then don’t forget to partner it with locally flavored ice-creams like keso or ube.

Get the recipe here.

Pandan Pichi-Pichi with Niyog

appetite.onemega.com Pandan-Pitchi-Pitchi

Pichi-pichi is considered one of the most popular Filipino kakanin because of its gooey, tasty, and irresistible texture. Now, our all-time favorite delicacy gets a good spin with this recipe that will definitely capture the hearts of your whole family.

Get the recipe here.

Classic Filipino-Style Biko

appetite.onemega.com Biko

If you’re looking for a simpler, tasty, and heavy on the stomach delicacy, then you can always go back to the traditional classic, Filipino-style Biko. We usually see this dessert in Filipino-themed events such as a fiestas or birthdays for they are easy to make and can be easily consumed.

Get the recipe here.

Classic Filipino style Puto

Another simple kakanin recipe that can easily made is the classic Puto. Although it’s best partnered with dinuguan, it can also be partnered with a variety of sweet dips like yema, latik, or cheese.

Get the recipe here.


appetite.onemega.com Palupsi

If you’re looking for something sweet yet healthy(-ish) at the same time, then this kakanin recipe is made for you! Made with kaning malagkit, kakang gata, and kibal seeds (shorter version of sitaw), Palupsi will not only satisfy your cravings, but also your body!

Get the recipe here.

Bibingkang Cassava with Macapuno

appetite.onemega.com Bibingkang-cassava-with-macapuno

Give your normal Bibingka a new life! This seasonal recipe gets a bold twist as cassava and macapuno join flavors together forming a decadent and lusciously creamy taste.

Get the recipe here.

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