Drinking Organic Tea Has Never Been This Fun, Refreshing, and Delightful with English Tea Shop

Do you need something to soothe your senses before sleeping? Want a drink to keep your health on the right track? Looking for an alternative to sugar-rich beverages? Maybe it’s time to turn your attention to drinking teas—and with good reason! Here’s a simple guide on what tea blend is perfect for you throughout the day:

Need a drink that will refresh you first thing in the morning? Awaken your senses with a sip of English tea blends like Earl Grey or English Breakfast that are strong and distinct in flavor.

Cap your meal with tea flavors like Peppermint or Lemongrass & Citrus, which can help your body digest easily after indulging in a heavy lunch.

If you’re craving in the middle of the day, drink something bitter or sour to decrease your food cravings. With that said, a good way to lessen your food intake is by drinking flavors like Super Berries or Green Tea Pomegranate to save you from the unnecessary eating!

Late Evening
To help your body slow down after a long day, have a sip of Chamomile or Ginger Honey tea to calm your senses at night.

Tea drinking is known to be very beneficial. It helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle such as lowering cholesterol, managing metabolism, as well as having anti-inflammatory properties. But not every tea brand can deliver. When picking the right tea, it’s best to check which kind is ideal for your needs. Plus, if you’re planning to go on the al-tea-native, why not choose an organic brand that’s free from pesticides and grown without harmful fertilizers?

English Tea Shop may just be the right kind of tea for you. With more than 130 variants, this organic English tea brand is perfect for those who want to have a healthier drinking alternative made from tea that’s been harvested and processed in the highest quality.

English Tea Shop harvests only the best sustainably-grown organic tea leaves from its fair trade farms in Sri Lanka as well as other tea sources around the globe. The harvested teas are then carefully processed and hand packed guaranteeing freshness and the best flavors as you sip into your cup.

Recently, the brand has partnered exclusively with Robinsons Supermarket in bringing to the Filipino consumers a taste of their product. So, the next time you’re searching for your next tea drink, look for the English brand with the prettiest package and treat yourself with a soothing cup of organic tea.

 The English Tea Shop is now available exclusively in all Robinsons Supermarkets.