Get To Know The Naked Foodie as He Bares All About His Food Adventures

Christian Mark Jacobs is a southern gentleman who loves to eat. Growing up in a household that served soul food like breaded pork chops, green beans, biscuits, and mac & cheese on a frequent basis, Christian always refers back to his childhood eats and great memories in his mother’s kitchen whenever he’s asked where his passion for food comes from. “The pork chop recipe was actually my great grandmother’s,” he shared.  Well, those may have been the best damn pork chops ever because it really drove Christian to pursue a career in food and eventually identifying himself as The Naked Foodie.

Christian Mark Jacobs is The Naked Foodie

During an intimate sit-down lunch with Christian, we got to actually taste those incredible thick-cut Breaded Pork Chops complete with classic Southern fixins like the hefty Biscuits you can smear with homemade Apple Honey Butter, Spinach Salad with Bacon dressing (because everyone in the south adds bacon to every dish),  his addicting Sweet and Sour Green Beans, Mac & Cheese crowned with generous portions of creamy brie, and Robuchon-like Mashed Potatoes.

His moniker actually represents his philosophy about food. “What naked really means is—I’m breaking down recipes to the very basics. Also, all of the cooking that I do start with the freshest ingredients, so I really believe that when you’re cooking a meal, the outcome is only as good as the ingredients you’ve used. ” Christian explained. His cooking style may be reminiscent of Jamie Oliver, who is also one of Christian’s chef-spirations and was called in his early years, The Naked Chef.

Christian in a fish market in Seoul

Thru his food and lifestyle portal, The Naked Foodie TV, Christian gets to share what he loves about food. In his vlog collections, you can catch his latest epicurean adventures (like whisking off to amazing destinations like Seoul, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Guatemala) to experiencing Filipino food firsts like eating in a carinderia and trying balut. His blog section, on the other hand, shares his restaurant reviews, recipes (his signature coleslaw is a must do!), as well as other food whatabouts.

One website feature that everyone, especially dessert lovers should checkout is The Naked Patisserie. It directs you to Christian’s fantasy world of luxury cakes and pastries where some celebrities namely Kylie Verzosa, Kisses Delavin, Christian Bautista, Kryz Uy and Slater Young have gone to get their fix of The Naked Patisserie’s bespoke offerings. Of course, with scrumptious creations like Lemon Cheesecake, Strawberries N’ Cream Cake, and Chocolate Oreo Cheesecake Truffles plus word of mouth recommendations from an A-list clientele, it’s no wonder that it has fast become one the most-sought after cake and dessert suppliers for weddings and events (perfect the upcoming holidays, FYI!).

Strawberry Shortcake
Chocolate Truffle Cake
Birds of Paradise Customized Cake
The Naked Foodie will also be releasing soon his wine line consisting of white, red, rose and sparkling varieties

When he’s not busy working or traveling solo, Christian often finds himself in the kitchen, planning for his next dinner party for his closest friends, pampering their baby Rocco (the chihuahua), and sharing moments with his partner, renowned fashion designer Francis Libiran.

What’s The Naked Foodie up to next? We’ll have to guess. But after getting to know Christian and his appetite for everything gourmet, it’s sure to be exciting, fun, and delicious.

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For cakes and pastry inquiries and orders, visit The Naked Patisserie.

Photographed by Yukie Sarto of Studio 100