4 Filipino Fried Rice Recipes That Will Step Up Your Sinangag Game

Pinoys eat rice with every meal so often that it has become the standard of our food culture. To all Filipino rice lovers, you can turn that freshly cooked rice or even leftover rice from last night into a flavorful filling dish!

Either mix it with chicken, pork, beef, or shrimps, you’ll never go wrong in making a delicious meal with our fried rice dishes. Go ahead and step up your sinangag game with these easy recipes.

TNT Fried Rice

Have leftover rice from last night’s dinner? No problem. Cook this easy rice bowl meal that will surely satisfy any hungry crowd. Every spoonful of this is rich in umami from the calorie-laden crab fat or taba ng talangka.


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Adobong Kangkong Fried Rice with Chicharon

Adobo always has a special place in every Filipino’s heart. Time to add a new dimension to your traditional adobo and cook it with crunchy kangkong and crispy chicharon, making this dish extra special. Who knows? This might be a new family favorite!


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Bagoong Fried Rice with Chicken and Danggit

Bagoong and green mangoes have been known as the perfect food partner for Filipinos. Here’s a real winner: bagoong mixed with rice and danggit for breakfast! Try cooking this dish and you’ll be glad you’ve made the best breakfast pair-up of all time.


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Sardines Stir-fried Rice

Get ready for a boodle fight with this Sardines Stir-fried Rice with salty sardines, tomatoes, and salted egg on its side, making a filling Pinoy dish. So gather those banana leaves, get your hands ready and enjoy your own boodle fight at home.


Get the recipe here.

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