Why Eat Pamora Farm’s Free-Range Chicken? Here Are 7 Important Facts to Consider

Having clean and quality meat is one of the things we should consider when cooking food, most especially when we try to maintain a holistic diet. And since chicken meat is one of the most common proteins we consume on a daily basis, it’s also important to know where it comes from, how it’s processed, and what they feed on. While some brands can attest to their products’ quality, only a few can actually prove, thru transparency, that their chickens aren’t only clean or of utmost quality, but actually beneficial in health.

One of them is Pamora Farm Inc., a Filipino-European venture that has pioneered the free-range poultry industry in the country since 2000. For more than 18 years, this family-owned farm located on the foothills of Barangay Garreta, Pidigan, Abra has been keeping up with international standards with their free-range poultry operation.

But what does free-range chicken exactly mean and how are they any different from the regular chicken meat we consume every day? If healthy and wellness is your priority, then we suggest reading on the 7 facts below on why free-range chicken from Pamora Farm is the healthy way to go:

Free range chickens are bred to develop naturally
Pamora Farm free-range chickens are brooded for twenty-one (21) days. Afterwards, the chickens are set free to follow their natural instincts. The chickens are left roaming around doing natural activities that strengthen the bones and firms the meat, resulting in a high-quality chicken.

Free-range chickens are grown chemical free
Pamora Farm’s free-range chickens are given herbal concoctions from organic herbs and plants such as oregano, ginger, chili, lemongrass, and kakawate. They are not fed with any chemicals or synthetic veterinarian medicines, which can make the chickens obese and more toxic, and in turn can affect consumers in the long run.

Free-range chickens are nurtured thoroughly
Normally, a chicken should be nurtured naturally and carefully for it to grow and achieve its perfect size, taste, and texture when cooked. In Pamora, the chickens are cultivated for a total of eighty-one (81) days based on French Label Rouge standards. Meaning, the chickens are harmless, chemical free, and all natural.

Free-range chickens contain less fat, meatier content
Since free-range chickens are left to thrive in their natural habitat, this leads them to grow naturally and follow they’re instincts. The chickens run, fight, and exercise allowing their bodies to grow stronger and more toned. As a result, the chicken meats contain only 8%-10% fat compared to 19-29% fat on commercial chickens.

Free-range chickens are high-quality meats
As a pioneer in the free-range poultry industry, Pamora Farm invested a lot to make quality and healthy products. This leads them to be the only National Meat Inspections Services (NMIS) accredited “AA” poultry dressing plant in the Cordillera region as well as the only dressing plant in the Philippines that caters free-range chickens.

Moreover, Pamora strictly uses air-dry chilling process instead of the conventional water-chilling process that soaks chickens in iced-water chlorine for two to three hours. With air-chilling, this maintains the freshness, proper meat quality, and taste of the chicken.

Free-range chickens lessen your risk of being sick
Subsequently, because free-range chickens develop naturally and they don’t contain any chemicals, the risk of getting an illness like bird flu and other poultry diseases are lesser. In addition, the chickens at Pamora Farm undergo a thorough dressing process and immediately stored in a blasting freezing equipment to maintain the freshness of the meat.

 Free-range chickens from Pamora are quality-assured from farm to packaging
Compared to normal chickens that are exposed and can be an easy target of illness in the market, the Pamora’s free-range chickens are delicately packaged and are vacuum-packed to assure that the freshness of chicken will remain from Pamora Farm to your own homes.

For its 18 year anniversary, Pamora Farm celebrated the occasion with a simple yet sumptuous lunch at the Manila Peninsula, one of the loyal and prominent patrons of the free-range chicken brands. The hotel’s Executive Chef Franco Diaz prepared a buffet for distinguished chefs and media personalities. “Over the past few years, The Peninsula Manila has partnered with Pamora Farms to create dishes in all of the hotel outlets, including signature dishes of The Lobby,” stated Chef Franco.

The free-range chicken spread included Pamora Chicken Paté Bites, Pamora Chicken Adobo (using thigh and leg choice cuts),  Pamora Sesame Chicken Salad (using breast choice cuts), Pamora Chicken and Waffles (using chicken oysters), Pamora Tandoori Chicken (using wing and lollipop choice cuts), Pamora Chicken Roulade (using whole chicken), and Chicken Sliders (using ready-made chicken burger). Some of the dishes served have been rotated in the menu of the different food and beverage outlets of the hotel. It just goes to show how versatile and distinct in flavor free-range chicken is.

Pamora Sesame Chicken Salad
Pamora Chicken and Waffles
Pamora Chicken Roulade
Pamora Chicken Adobo
Chicken Sliders
Pamora Tandoori Chicken

Though free-range chickens cost a bit more than the usual chicken cut, there’s nothing like the assurance of consuming high-quality, chemical-free, and disease-safe meat to bank on. “With Pamora free-range chicken, you will eat 100% chicken. No hormones, no antibiotics, no chemicals,” guaranteed General Manager of Pamora Farm, Tina Morados.

Pamora products are available at Santis Delicatessen, Terry’s Bistro and Gourmet Store, Jojiberry, Real Food, L’Epicerie Gourmande, Billie O’ Naire Corp, Mother Earth Deli Basket, Rustan’s Supermarket, and Marketplace by Rustan’s branches.

 For more information about Pamora Farm, visit www.pamorafarm.com.

Photographed by Ed Simon of Studio 100