5 of the Best Filipino Crab Recipes You Can Cook at Home

The Philippines absolutely has the freshest and delicious crustaceans, that’s why there’s no reason we can’t cook a crab dish at home. Be it in noodles, paired with rice, or on the side of a salad, the chunks of juicy white meat will complement every dish. Go ahead and start cracking those crustaceans, scrape off the rich and golden crab fat and soft flavorful meat, and get ready for some sweet home cooking!

Alimango with Sotanghon

The marriage of rice noodles and delicious crabs in one bowl. Alimango with Sotanghon is flavored with light soy sauce, oyster sauce and chicken stock. Mixed all together and you have the best of crab and noodles in one comforting dish!

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Paksiw na Alimango


Who knew that Paksiw goes well with juicy crabs? Its vinegar and garlic mixture makes a sour and flavorful broth, which in turn makes every crab meat so tasty. Here’s a tip, you can substitute the vinegar with Calamansi juice to make a delicious stock.

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Rellenong Alimasag


Crab dishes could be messy to prepare and cook as their shells are hard to crack open. But believe me, this Rellenong Alimasag is worth it once you take a spoonful of those chunks of juicy crab meat that’s been flavored with the right spices. Don’t forget to serve it with a side of sweet and sour sauce or a spicy vinegar dip.

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Ginataang Langka at Alimasag


In love with curry flavored dishes? Take it from us, Ginataang Langka at Alimasag will be your next seafood fave. It’s distinct flavor comes from the young jackfruit stirred in coconut milk with shrimp paste and chillies!

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Alimango’t Kangkong sa Gata

Alimango't Kangkong sa Gata

Hailing from the region of Davao, Alimango’t Kangkong sa Gata will get your taste buds hooked up! From the dish’s complementing flavors of coconut milk, lemon grass, ginger and of course, hint of spiciness from the siling labuyo.

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