These 5 Easy Salmon Recipes Will Have You Hooked!

While a lot of people get intimidated by the idea of cooking salmon, it really shouldn’t be the case with the multiple ways you can cook it (whether it’s poached, pan-fried, or baked!) regardless of your skill level. Sit down and treat yourself to a nice fish dinner with these easy and tasty salmon recipes we’ve lined up for you. Time to defrost the fish and start flippin’!


Salmon and Tuna Poke Bowl

You’ve probably heard the buzz about poke bowls all over social media. See what all the fuss is about and try our Salmon and Tuna Poke Bowl recipe. This version of the Hawaiian poke bowl puts salmon and tuna cubes front and center, with crunchy noodles, vegetables and sauces tossed together! It’s so easy to prepare that it needs two steps (that’s right!).

Check out the recipe here.


Sinigang Pasta with Breaded Salmon Belly

Sinigang is a traditional Pinoy soup that every Filipino loves – but what if it’s cooked with pasta? Tap into your adventurous foodie soul with our Sinigang Pasta with Breaded Salmon Belly recipe. It’s pretty much the traditional Pinoy Sinigang with kangkong and tomatoes, now with boiled pasta and fried salmon. You’ll never know, this might be your next noodle fave!

Check out the recipe here.


Cheesy Baked Salmon

Who knew that salmon could go cheesy? This Cheesy Baked Salmon dish forms a crust that’s crispy on the outside and is unbelievably creamy on the inside. Impress your guests and pair this juicy, flaky, and flavorful salmon dish with your favorite cup of rice. Don’t forget to squeeze some lemons to get that right zing!

Check out the recipe here.


San Francisco Baked Salmon

What’s a meal that is easy-to-cook but elegant enough for a perfect family dinner? The San Francisco Baked Salmon has got you covered! It’s topped with a flavorful sauce that’s a mixture of mayonnaise, oyster sauce, and minced garlic. Spread some sauce and slide the baking dish into the oven for about 15 minutes. Enjoy your delicious salmon meal without the hassle.

Check out the recipe here.


Savory-Spicy Salmon Dynamites

Here’s some good news for you dynamite lovers out there– the popular street food best enjoyed during merienda at your nearest tusok-tusok cart can be easily leveled up in just a few steps right in your kitchen. The fresh green chilies get stuffed with mashed salmon mixed in cream cheese, and are wrapped in lumpia wrappers. Fry them to perfection and serve it with some chili sauce on the side!

Check out the recipe here.