14 Classic Filipino Recipes Every Millennial Should Know How to Make

Millennials love food. Almost all of us are self-proclaimed foodies whose Instagram feeds are filled with mouthwatering dishes, but when it comes to making these dishes from scratch – majority would fall short.

As a modern day Filipino foodie, we should know how to cook our mom’s adobo or menudo without the help of a yaya. Here’s a list of some traditional Filipino dishes you should definitely know. Let’s start cookin’!

Fried Chinese Lumpia

Deep Fried Chinese Lumpia

One of the popular dishes in every Filipino party is the golden fried Chinese lumpia. These pork bits rolled in lumpia wrappers deep-fried to perfection are definitely on the list of Filipino faves. Serve them with spicy vinegar dip or sweet and sour sauce for the ultimate lumpia experience.

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Heirloom Caldereta


Our parents usually serve caldereta with beef, but traditionally, it is usually cooked with goat meat. It may seem an intimidating dish to cook, but it is actually easy. It’s a dish we loved growing up so there’s no excuse on not being proud of cooking it.

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Pork Menudo


Another classic Filipino dish that can be seen throughout family gatherings and parties. As different provinces have their own versions of Menudo, most Pork Menudo recipes have hotdogs, green peas, and potatoes.

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Tinola sa Tanglad


What’s more comforting than a bowl of Tinola soup? Serve yourselves a warm chicken soup made flavorful with stalks of lemongrass.

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Chicken Afritada


Afritada is another common tomato-based stew that Filipinos love. Before stewing the chicken pieces in tomato sauce, these are first pan-fried, then come in the vegetables for a delicious and filling stew. Best served with rice – obviously.

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Kapampangan Sisig


Filipinos love sisig as pulutan at every drinking occasion. From the food capital of the Philippines, this recipe will surely impress your friends with its crunchy texture and spicy flavor!

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Inasal na Liempo


Who doesn’t love fancy grilled pork for dinner? Serve this liempo inasal-style with a homemade atsuete oil for that fancy touch.

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Mary Anne’s Kare-Kare


This classic dish cooked with roasted peanuts and glutinous rice flour makes our mouths water just writing about it. Top your kare-kare with some veggies like eggplants, sitaw and pechay for a hearty dinner.

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Shrimp Kinilaw


While the traditional main ingredient of kinilaw is fish, this recipe we tried it with fresh shrimps and slices of kamias, onions, ginger and chillis. Sarap!

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Binagoongang Lechon Kawali

Binagoongang Lechon Kawali-In-Article

Got some leftover lechon? Gather up those chunks of pork and make this binagoongang lechon kawali. Bursting with flavor, add a piece of chili for a touch of spiciness!

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Chicken and Pork Embutido


Mix and roll up some ground chicken and pork, raisins, egg, carrots and green peas in a foil. Serve them either cold cut or fried, your guests will surely love these meaty embutidos.

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While kikiam is mainly eaten at food carts beside the street, you can make your own version at the comfort of your own kitchen. These treats are usually enjoyed during merienda time along with spicy or sweet dips.

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Pancit Palabok


For a classic Filipino merienda, who knew you can cook your own palabok at home?! Yes, it’s that easy. Made with thick rice noodles and shrimp sauce then served with hard-boiled eggs, bits of pork chicharon and calamansi juice, this noodles will grab that childhood heart of yours.

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Frozen Brazo de Mercedes


Satisfy that sweet tooth with this Brazo de Mercedes recipe. This Filipino version of ice cream cake is loaded with layers of meringue where each layer is filled with strawberry and pastillas de leche ice cream.

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