Beer and Food Pairing Done Excellent at Privatus Private Dining

Like fine wine, craft beers also shine best when paired with food. Though try not to push the usual pulutan hits like sisig or crispy pata with this statement. Yes, drinking unlimited buckets of beer with spicy chicken wings in both hands is an experience we enjoy once in a while (maybe too much sometimes), but we’re talking about food that can really enhance and highlight the unique nuances of a brew.

Guys, we’re not being beer snobs here (we love a good sub-zero commercial beer as much as you!) The point is, when drinking craft beer that’s been made with precision and to a high standard, don’t you want to appreciate it with excellent-tasting food as well?

One drinking session where craft beer enthusiasts and non-craft beer drinkers can learn more about beer pairings is at The Beer Appreciation 101 event at Privatus Private Dining. Chef AJ Reyes and Mark Marquez together with Noreen Lao and Ricardo Lopa Jr. of Monkey Eagle Brewery came up with an amazing 5-plate menu featuring the latter’s flagship beers paired with Privatus signature playful fare.

Guests can have a deeper understanding of the different beer styles and flavor profiles while savoring dishes that can complement each drink. “Our brands complement each other. We are aligned when it comes to our respective craft as well as the quality and innovation of our products—food, libations, and craft beer,” shares Noreen.

Here’s a tasting of the Privatus Private Dining  x Monkey Eagle Brewery pairing menu:


Saison Farmhouse Ale paired with Pork and Salmon Sinuglaw

Saison Farmhouse Ale
BEST PAIRED WITH: cheese, poultry, fish
Inspired from the original farmhouse ales of Belgium, this brew is described to be well-carbonated in nature yet strong and robust in flavor. Chef AJ pairs the light ale with pork and salmon sinuglaw to highlight the fruitiness of the beer.

Blue Wheat American Pale Wheat Ale best paired with Baked Oysters

Blue Wheat American Pale Wheat Ale
BEST PAIRED WITH: oysters, pizza, pasta
Baked Aklan oysters topped with soft and creamy cheese brings out the fruity notes and bitterness of this medium-bodied American pale wheat ale. Named after the village where Monkey Eagle Brewery set up their first shop, the brewers also recommend enjoying a cold bottle of this style on a warm afternoon.


Burning Matt Pale Ale paired with Radical Wagyu Sliders

Burning Matt Pale Ale 
BEST PAIRED WITH: grilled meats
The refreshing bitterness of this brew cuts thru the richness of Privatus’ Radical-style sliders that’s made with local wagyu patty drizzled with crab fat sauce nestled in between squid ink buns. Citrusy with a good amount of maltiness, this is the type of beer that you would enjoy any time of day.

Potion 28 IPA with Pickled Smoked Quail Eggs

Potion 28 IPA
BEST PAIRED WITH: smoked meats and strong tastes like cheese and pickled eggs
Intense with a medium-dry finish at first sip due to its strong hop flavor, robust bitterness, and hints of toasty malt, this Indian Pale Ale goes well with smokes meats and sharp cheeses. Chef AJ brilliantly pairs the dish with pickled smoked quail eggs that’s been infused with mahogany and aged in sweet and sour brine.

Privatus’ Citrusy meal ender

As a treat, we got an exclusive taste of Privatus’ luscious citrusy dessert matched with Monkey Eagle Brewery’s newest beer flavor. Want to know what this pairing is? Then we invite you to try it for yourself.

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The next Privatus x Monkey Eangle Brewery Beer Appreciation 101 event is on on July 7. For details, contact (0917) 629-7453 and (02) 907-5457. For reservations, email [email protected]

Want to experience the unique taste of Monkey Eagle Beer? Visit their Facebook page (@monkeyeagle) and Instagram account (@monkeyeagleph).

Photographed by Miguel Abesamis of Studio 100