You Can Now Devour This Luxury Tuna In Can For As Low as P100

As the old saying goes, you are what you eat. If so, Filipino foodies can now be luxurious and healthy with this new luxury line of premium tuna in the Philippines!

For your next staple for all your protein needs, Alliance Select Foods proudly launches Bay of Gold—your next favorite tuna in can that is low in fat, at the same time rich with Omega 3 fatty acids.

To ensure its  promising luxurious quality, Bay of Gold only selects the best parts from only the best tuna from over 75 partner sources in over 33 countries around the globe. Along with the best of the best tuna quality, Bay of Gold is enriched with choice ingredients for a flavorful experience.

Bay of Gold comes in delectably varieties: Tuna Flakes in Shoyu, Tuna Big Flakes in Oil with Chili, and Manuka Smoked Tuna Solid in Olive Oil. Also, if you’re craving for a richer, creamier portion, try the best part of the tuna: the tuna belly, also called the Ventresca. Ventresca is available in two savory varieties: Manuka Smoked Ventresca and Ventresca in olive oil.

And here’s what you can easily make when you need that protein pick-me-up dish:

If you’re feeling a bit under the weather, try out this comforting Tuna Shoyu Noodle Soup made with Bay of Gold Tuna Flakes in Shoyu to shoo all the gloomy vibes away!

appetite tuna shoyu noodle soup

How about this Open Faced Tuna made with Toast Bay of Gold Manuka Smoked Ventresca in Olive Oil topped with eggs, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, and rocket arugula on a piece of sourdough bread for a post-workout treat after that grueling time in the gym?

appetite open faced tuna toast

And if you’re needing a super filling to-go salad, go ahead and toss in the Manuka-Smoked Ventresca Tuna with quinoa, red onions, spinach leaves, prawns, tomatoes, bleu cheese, and almonds to make a meaty, refreshing Seafood Quinoa Salad!

appetite quinoa salad

Most importantly, Bay of Gold is available at an affordable price starting Php99.75 to Php215.00 and is easily accessible in Landmark, Real Foods, and more locations soon.