8 Baon Ideas You Can Prepare When Visiting the Cemetery This All Souls’ Day

As a tradition, Filipinos visit the cemetery to remember and honor their departed loved ones every 1st and 2nd of November. As families gather around and spend their whole day offering prayers, some put up tents, set up picnic spots, and gradually turn this annual tradition as a mini-reunion as well. Filipinos are fond of preparing and bring their own baon (packed food) that’s good for sharing.

If you’re planning what to cook or pack this coming All Souls’ Day, we’ve listed down some baon ideas you can bring in the cemetery that doesn’t spoil quickly, perfect for sharing the whole day!

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These delicacies are made of glutinous rice which are cooked and wrapped around banana leaves. It has been a staple Filipino merienda and is best enjoyed when dipped in sugar for extra flavor. To make the sumans last all day, best to freeze them once bought.

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These sweet rice cakes are the perfect bite-size snacks to bring on gatherings. This treat can be enjoyed in various flavors and toppings. Here’s a tip: If you want the putos to last a whole day, pick ones that don’t have cheese or shredded coconut meat on top, as these ingredients can spoil easily.

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Biscuits and Chips

Don’t have time to prepare? The best option is to buy some packed crackers and chips. Aside from its wide assortment, it’s convenient to pack and not messy to eat. A pack of Skyflakes and a bag of Piattos are some of our favorite snacks to munch on. 

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Sandwiches are always on the list when it comes to having a baon. It’s easy and quick to prepare and also very filling. Just don’t spread some mayonnaise as it can cause food spoilage. If you want to buy in bulk, we recommend that you order from The Sandwich Guy, as they offer healthy and delicious sandwiches. 

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Be it ether Pancit Bihon Guisado, Pancit Canton or Pancit Palabok, these are the all-time favorite dish of Pinoys and have become part of most Filipino celebrations – including family gatherings in the cemetery. You can never go wrong bringing a bilao to share with your family. 

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One of the classic dishes that Filipinos love is Adobo. Its primary ingredients are soy sauce and vinegar, which makes the dish to not easily spoil. We love Via Mare’s take on this Pinoy comfort food classic cooked in as it tastes like your traditional home-cooked Adobo.

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Lumpiang Shanghai

Your Filipino social event won’t be complete without Lumpiang Shanghai. They’re fried spring rolls stuffed with minced onions, garlic, vegetables, and meat. Munch on these lumpiang shanghais as it is or serve them with rice on the side. If you’re planning to order in bulk, The Party Kitchen makes some of the tastiest lumpiang shanghais. 

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Chicken and Pork Barbeque

Last but definitely not the least, what’s a Filipino gathering without barbeques? As roasting pits are almost found anywhere in the city, chicken and pork barbeque are the go-to dishes you can have as your meal for your all-day cemetery visit. You can order these Pinoy food staples from Andoks, Chooks to Go or Baliwag

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