8 Pantry Must-Haves for a Super Stormy Weather

Super storms can cause school suspensions, unexpected black outs and of course, being stranded at home. So what’s the best thing to do when the rain won’t stop and the roads become impassable? Be prepared! Do some survival grocery shopping for the necessary food products beforehand so you don’t have to worry about what to eat when the unexpected happens.

Bottled Water and Sports Drinks
Water is essential but sometimes it’s the most overlooked item on the list. Remember, drinking tap water is a no no when your area is flood prone since dirty elements can seep into the water system. Try to also store bottled sports drinks to keep you refreshed and energized for any kind of emergency.

Canned Goods
One pantry must-have you should always store are canned goods. They have very long expiration dates so it’s good to stock up on canned items like tuna, vegetables and meats. Most of them are ready to eat so you don’t need to heat them plus, they’re convenient to store in bulks. Don’t forget to have a can opener on hand though!

Rice and Grains
When stored properly, rice can actually last for a long time. It’s easy to cook and it can satisfy everyone in the group. Grains like lentils, dried corn, and cereal are also recommendable.

Crackers and Biscuits
Simple food items like crackers and biscuits are a big comfort when storms arise. They’re easy to keep, they don’t need any refrigeration, and they’re inexpensive. Hide them in emergency bags, care packages or even in rain jackets for easy nibbling.

Instant Noodles
Preparing food can be a struggle when the electricity is out and everything you have seems perishable. Avoid the hassle and go for instant noodles which can fill you up in no time.

Dried Fruits
Load up on dried fruits to add some variety into your food supply. Not only are they convenient and flavorful, they also actually contain more fiber and nutrients when it comes to weight compared to fresh fruits.

Powdered Food
Aside from powdered coffee and milk, supply your pantry with other powdered food essentials like yogurt, peanut butter, eggs, and cocoa. Their long shelf life will surely come in handy someday.

Apart from gauzes and antiseptic solutions, have your emergency kit stocked with multivitamins and mild pain relievers like paracetamol or ibuprofen. You have to keep your energy levels up during times of emergency so it’s better to have them on hand.

Being ready is being wise. Make sure to have these food essentials stored in your pantry to make your home stuffed and storm-ready.