8 Ways to Have Your Comfort Food Without The Guilt

Words by Yllaine Sabenecio

How’s your “New Year, new diet” going? Missing out on all the comfort food you’ve been indulging in last year haven’t you? Don’t cry, we feel you! Since health and shedding some pounds is the main objective to start the year right, we came up with a few suggestions to curb some of your food temptations. Remember, comfort food is uplifting for a reason. It’s only a matter of taking comfort in better options to suit your happiness—minus the extra calories. 

  1. Pasta
Low-Carb Beef and Eggplant Lasagna by Chef Barni Alejandro-Rennebeck of The Sexy Chef, Photographed by Zac Moran

Pasta means carbs and carbs means “oh-no! I gained a pound again!” Why not use sliced eggplants strips to substitute for lasagna noodles? It’s loaded with vitamins and minerals and it’s sure to take out the guilt from eating numerous spoonfuls of Garfield’s favorite meal.

2. Burger

Mushroom Burger Patties; Recipe by Nina Daza-Puyat, Photographed by Krizia Cruz; Appetite March 2016
Mushroom Burger Patties by Nina Daza-Puyat, Photographed by Krizia Cruz

Powering up on protein without meat? It’s possible! Use mushrooms instead of beef for your burger patties. This flavorful and umami-laden substitute will make you love something we dare say—vegetarian?!

3. Chocolate

Photographed by Ed Simon of Studio 100
Photographed by Ed Simon of Studio 100

Are you a chocoholic? Don’t worry. We won’t tell you to stop eating chocolates. On the contrary, we encourage you to eat some more—dark chocolate that is. Dark chocolate has lower sugar levels than its sweeter counterpart, milk chocolate. A good source of fiber and antioxidants, it can even lower one’s blood pressure. Now, isn’t that sweet?

4. Pizza

Photo taken from
Photo from AnnabelKarmel.com

Can’t get rid of your midnight pizza cravings? There’s an easier and healthier way of getting your fix without calling the nearest pizza delivery service.  Grab a whole wheat tortilla and top it with your usual pizza toppings. Pop in your oven and voila—thin-crust pizza in an instant!

5. Rice

Cauliflower Kimchi Rice; Recipe by Atty. Gaby Concepcion, Photographed by Ed Simon of Studio 100; Appetite March 2016
Cauliflower Kimchi Rice by Atty. Gaby Concepcion, Photographed by Ed Simon of Studio 100

Rice ain’t bad, but sometimes too much of it can be a health hazard. Our suggestion? Substitute it with cauliflower. Chop, sauté, and season—that’s all there is to it. You can even fancy it up by adding bits of leftovers meats and veggies to make it into a low-carb stir fry!

6. Ice Cream

yogurt popsicle
Photo from upsocl.com

For quick, do-it-yourself, guilt-free frozen treats, freeze a couple of bananas and whip it in your blender for instant banana ice cream. You can even add your favorite flavors like matcha or chocolate. Want a popsicle instead? Stick a popsicle stick into your favorite individual yogurt cup and let it freeze!

7. Fried Everything

Oven Fried Sweet Potatoes; Recipe by Jacqueline Alleje, Photographed by Mark Jacob; Appetite October 2012
Oven Fried Sweet Potatoes by Jacqueline Alleje Photographed by Mark Jacob

Yes, everything fried is freakin’ delicious but, it’s also a bad habit to eat deep-fried food every single day. If you can’t resist the call of the crisp may we suggest using your oven instead? Baking isn’t just about being healthy; it also avoids the major clean-up of oil splatters, blotches, and of-course, the oil burns when it spatters! You can even make your own natural flavorings—rosemary-infused salted chips and garlic-Parmesan fries, anyone?

8. Soda

Del Monte Fizzy Pineapple Juice Drink
Del Monte Fizzy Pineapple Juice Drink
Del Monte Fizzy Orange Pomelo Juice Drink
Del Monte Fizzy Orange Pomelo Juice Drink

Do you love drinking softdrinks but are looking for a healthier alternative? Satisfy your craving for soda with a healthier fizzy drink! Del Monte Fizzy Juice Drink is made with real fruit juice. It has no added sugar and is fortified with 100% of your daily vitamin C needs. You can enjoy this healthier fizz in two delicious and refreshing fruity flavors: Pineapple and Orange-Pomelo!