7 Super Easy Pasta Dishes For Those Lazy Weekday Dinners

There’s a reason why pasta (in any shape or size) is an important kitchen staple. It’s so easy to cook and pair with all sorts of ingredients that it can really save you from so many hungry situations. These familiar scenarios including preparing a meal for your family even after a tiring day of work (sucks right?), unexpected guests joining in for dinner (oh no!), or when you need a quick dish in less than ten minutes (yup, this happens).  So, word of advice:  click on the link for your next weekday pasta idea and stock up on those dried spaghetti, penne, and fettucine, because when hunger strikes, pasta will save the day.

Chili Aglio Olio Angel Hair Spaghetti with Bacon and Cheese

No sauce? No problem! This simple pasta dish uses the goodness of bacon (yes bacon!), salty sharpness of Parmesan cheese, and headiness of garlic to meld all the flavors together. Wanna go high on the heat level? Then sprinkle on as much chili flakes as you want—we won’t judge!

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Longganisa and Salted Egg Pasta

If you want a dish that’s bursting with bold flavors, then this longganisa-salted egg pasta combo is perfect for you. We recommend using the super garlicky longganisa like Lucban, Alaminos , or Vigan variety. Also, it’s best to use real salted eggs (ditch the powder please!) to bring more heft and substance to the dish.

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Prosciutto Cream Pasta

This cream-based pasta is rather decadent with ingredients like smoky bacon, earthy mushrooms, and salty-savory prosciutto in every twirl. It’s the perfect pasta to impress your dinner guests with minus the stress of cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

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sardines pasta

Sardines Pasta

Got a bottle of Spanish sardines in the pantry? Good. Then chop up those aromatics and go heavy on the basil as you prepare this flavorful pasta. If you want to go fancy, then add some black olives and artichokes for more texture and bite.

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Tomato, Green Bean, and Pasta Salad

Looking for a side dish to go with your meat?  This lovely pasta salad composed of plump cherry tomatoes, French beans, and assorted nuts can definitely elevate your dinner menu. Don’t forget to toss it with the tangy Garlic-Mint Vinaigrette.

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Sinigang Pasta with Breaded Salmon Belly

Sinigang-flavored pasta? You read that right! The sourness of instant sinigang mixed in the spaghetti noodles complements the creaminess of the salmon belly making this pasta combination work. A definite must-try for people who crave for the unusual.

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Grilled Seafood Pasta

This dish may take a bit more prep time than the rest, but we promise it’s really worth the wait. Grill the seafood and tomatoes until fully cooked and let the pasta sauce (made up of lemon, garlic, and parsley) work its flavor all over the dish. No leftovers guaranteed.

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