7 Simple Baking Hacks You Should Definitely Know!

Making homemade goodies like cookies, cakes, and pastries are fun and it can be made easier. If you want to save some time and minimize your effort, just follow these simple baking hacks that are practical and very useful in the kitchen. Happy baking!


To have that maximum volume when whipping egg whites for a meringue, make sure that the bowls and mixer attachments are completely dry without any trace of oil and water.


To easily transfer frosting into a piping bag, fold the open end of the bag around a tall glass then fill it in with the frosting. This will keep the bag steady making your work easier and more productive.

7 Baking Hacks You Should Definitely Know In Article

Remember to always preheat your oven before baking! The correct temperature helps the leavening agents in the batter activate and do their job.


If you don’t have time to soften that frozen butter, use a grater and grate it into a stainless steel bowl to hasten your work. It’s hassle free and it’ll definitely save you time!

7 Baking Hacks You Should Definitely Know In Article2

No rolling pin? No problem! Be resourceful and use an empty wine bottle instead to roll that dough.


Looking for a new and scrumptious way to quickly frost your cupcakes? Top them with marshmallows then torch it until melted!

7 Baking Hacks You Should Definitely Know In Article4

When making a chiffon cake, avoid opening the oven door while it’s baking. Have patience and let it rise quietly. You wouldn’t want your cake to collapse because of sudden drop of temperature!

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