6 Cheat Eats To Ease Your Heartbreak

We’ve all experienced a heartbreaking situation— stuck in our pajamas, messy bed hair, eye swollen, and ready to tear up again whenever a song or memory that was once precious and romantic has now become haunting and taunting.

The only thing going for you now is how you can get away with stuffing yourself silly with all the comforting bites you can think of. Don’t worry we won’t judge. Eat all that sadness away and give yourself a time-out from all of those depressing thoughts. Here are 6 cheat eats to ease that painful heartbreak:


Did you know that popcorn can boost your mood by releasing stress hormones in your system? Plus, not only is it stress-relieving, you can binge on it as much as you want since it’s not calorie-heavy (unless you pour it with melted butter, but we won’t stop you). You can even throw hard on the TV when an annoying romantic scene pops up.

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Ice Cream

Any heartbreak scene involves eating ice cream—and yes, we too believe in its healing powers. Let the loneliness melt away with each spoonful; the creamier, the fudgier, the bigger the tub, the better. So for those who like to judge, calories be damned because ice cream can really help you forget the bad things, even for a while.

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When sadness hits and the tears won’t stop, we encourage eating as much chocolate as you want, as often as you can. That’s because studies have proven that chocolate releases serotonin in the body a.k.a. “happy hormones”. Whether it is in bar form, cake, brownies, milkshake, or simply just a spoonful of chocolate spread, there’s nothing like chocolate to keep your spirits up.

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Potato Chips and French Fries

A bucket of potato chip and fries sounds like a bucket of pleasure. Plop on the couch and start munching as much as you want and wipe that frown on your face. Don’t feel guilty about eating too much calories, after all if it makes you happy, then go for it. You deserve all the happiness you can get – even from potato chip and french fries.

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You may have spent too much of your time alone in your room, but you need to get out of those unwanted thoughts. Have a night out with your friends and chill with right kind of drink. Let all that emotions out along with a bottle of beer. Cry, laugh or both, it doesn’t matter! You won’t even notice that the night has already passed and you’ve felt a lot better.

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Go get your phone, dial up your favorite pizza place and order the biggest and cheesiest pizza you can handle. It may be made for sharing but be selfish and have it all to yourself! Release your anger by gorging on the melted cheese, thick crust, and extra toppings. Your partner may be gone, you may gain some lbs., but in the end, pizza will always be there for you.

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