5 Incredible Fried Rice Dishes to Wake Up To

fried rice

Tired of being served the same sinangag (garlic fried rice) every morning? Cook these five scrumptious rice meals that’s not just worth the early wake up call but to also spruce up any breakfast spread:

Thai Bagoong Rice

Thai Bagoong Fried Rice
Dreaming of waking up to flavorful Bangkok-style breakfast? Then cook this multi-flavored rice made appetizing with shrimp paste, green mangoes, pork or chicken bits, scrambled eggs slivers, chopped red onions, and cucumbers. Try pairing it with beef tapa and tinapa for a sumptuous morning meal.

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mixed vegetable biryani rice

Mixed Vegetable Biryani Rice
Want a taste of Indian cuisine in the morning? This Mixed Vegetable Biryani Rice goes great with heavy flavorful viands like tocino and bacon. Don’t fret on waking up so early just to have those authentic flavors—any store-bough biryani mix will do, but do try to use Basmati rice to savor the long grains with your ulam.

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Mexican Fiesta Rice
Cilantro lover? Then go for the Mexican Fiesta Rice made rich with bell peppers, a bit of taco seasoning, and tomato sauce. Sprinkle with loads of chopped cilantro (as many as you like!) to make your first meal of the day more flavorful. Eat it with garlicky longganisa or with salted eggs to balance the flavors all together.

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Turmeric Basmati Rice with Pine Nuts
Looking for a healthy option? Then pick our Turmeric Basmati Rice with Pine Nuts. Eat a bowlful of this delicious meal which you can eat with savories such as corned beef and vegan patties. The dried cranberries and raisins will give you so much flavor to last the day.

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puerto rican rice

Puerto Rican Rice
Puerto Ricans also love their rice in the morning, in fact they add beans to make it more filling! Serve this to your loved ones in the morning, which you can pair together with spicy sardines or sausages.

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